Fur Family

We have one domestic cat, Mochi, and one large dog, Dempsey. We had a senior cat, Jonesy, who passed away in early 2018. All of our pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and get yearly check-ups from their Vet.


Mochi is a domestic shorthair, approximately 1 year old. He was rescued from the Seattle Humane Society. The children enjoy playing with him, and watching him get his teeth brushed by Liz. He is friendly, but skittish and will make a quick escape upstairs if he’s feeling overwhelmed.


Jonesy (2001-2018)

Jonesy was a loving and friendly cat, who was rescued in winter of 2014 from under a home. He loved people, and spent his days lounging on our bed. He had many years in him, and passed peacefully early this year.



Dempsey was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society in 2014. He is a mixed breed, large-sized dog with a big personality. He spends most of his time with Dennis in the office, and gets lots of walks throughout the day. You may hear Dempsey announce your presence during drop-offs and pick-ups, but he settles down quickly once things become quiet.